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Take 5

Take 5 – Big Win Chances on 3 Reels

Take 5 is one of the few slots that you can play with just three reels. And with that, the winnings will be all that much higher. The design is very cool and slick, keeping you nice and focused with your eyes on the prize. Three reels, all sorts of fresh fruit and the big chance to quintuple your winnings.

What is Take 5 and how do I play it?

Take 5 is the kind of classic slot you know well from every serious casino. It’s played on three reels with five win lines. This has the advantage that the winnings are correspondingly higher and the gaming enjoyment lasts that much longer. With a minimum bet of 160 Chips, you’ve already got a chance to earn some serious winnings. The background screen is green, a slick color allowing you to concentrate well on the matters at hand in the game. There’s no background music, but a typical casino sound can be heard once you get those reels cooking. Your winnings are underlined by some charming music. At the beginning of the game, you place your desired bet to the lower left of the playing screen and then you’re ready for an exciting Take 5 experience. Click on the spin button to start the reels and challenge your luck.

How do I win when playing Take 5?

Since Take 5 only disposes of three reels and five win lines, you likely won’t achieve as many wins as in other slots. But then again, your chance of a really big win is much bigger. The winnings that you can achieve are counted from left to right. Your winnings are displayed visually and acoustically so that you won’t miss them in the automatic mode. Extra features allow you to risk your winnings. You can click on the risk function to double your winnings. For this, you’ve got two possibilities. Would you like to decide on the correct card color or perhaps place your trust in the ladder of risk? In the ladder of risk, your goal is to have the yellow bar jump from one level to the next and then stop in just the right moment. If this works out, your win is doubled. If your luck runs out and the bar lands on ”Zero“, you will have lost your entire winnings. Take 5 features an even better function. With a bit of luck, the “WIN REPEATER“ can multiply your win up to five times. Should nine of the same symbols show up on your screen, you trigger the “WIN REPEATER“ function. A fortune wheel of sorts appears and features four fields listed as “WIN“ and one field listed as “END“. The fortune wheel then spins and if you land on a win field, your win is doubled. The wheel then spins again. Should you again land on a win field, your initial win is tripled. This wheel continues to spin until it lands on an end field. As such, you could possibly multiply your winnings up to five times.

The Take 5 Symbols

Take 5 makes use of classic symbols such as melons, lemons, stars, bells, and the number 7. This will guarantee a true casino atmosphere. Example: 5 win lines and the smallest possible bet of 160 Chips

  • Same symbols: WIN REPEATER (is triggered with 9 of the same symbols)
  • 7
    • 3x 160 000
  • Stars
    • 3x 40 000
  • Bells
    • 3x 16 000
  • Plums, oranges, lemons
    • 3x 6400
  • Cherry
    • 3x 3200
  • Diamonds
    • 3x 800

Play Take 5 free of charge

Would you like to add your own personal casino atmosphere to your living room? Then give Take 5 a try. Brought to you in a modestly cool design, this great slot knows how to lure you with classic symbols such as melons, lemons, and bells. Since there’s no background music, you surely won’t see your focus interrupted. The winnings are presented visually and acoustically so that you are guaranteed not to miss them. Get lucky with the WIN REPEATER and receive up to five times your winnings. Are you ready for an exciting casino experience? There’s no time like the present! Try out Take 5 now.