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Old Fisherman

Slot come Old Fisherman

Old Fisherman – Dare to Take on the Rough Sea

High waves, choppy seas and a gnarled captain - if you can withstand all of these conditions, then you have come to the right place in the free online slot game "Old Fisherman." If you do it wisely and are able to take on the rough sea, a lot of points will end up in your net. But be on your guard: If you play with too high of a bet, your points might quite quickly be back on the road to the endless depths of the sea. Now get ready and get on deck! The Old Fisherman is waiting for you...

What is Old Fisherman and how do you play this game?

Old Fisherman is a free online slot game.The aim of the game is to bring the reels to a stop so that the symbols line up in a given constellation. You will need to hit one or more of the paylines in order to score points. How much you win - or lose - depends on your bet, of course. You can change your bet at the bottom left of the game screen. Use the plus and minus button to decide how many points you want to bet. You have to bet at least 250 points, the maximum bet is at 12,500 points. Right next to this button, you can determine the number of paylines, with which you want to play. Here, you can choose between ten and 20 lines. The more lines you play, the greater your chances of winning. Note that the total bet is the product of the lines played and points bet. If you like to take a risk, you can set all values to the maximum from the start. Simply click on the "Max Bet" button at the bottom right of the game screen. Right next to it, you will find the "Auto" button. By clicking on this button, you can start a number of games in succession so that you do not have to press the start button before each game.

How do you win a game of Old Fisherman?

If you manage to bring the symbols to halt so that they line up on one or more of the paylines, you win points. If you are successful on more than one payline, the points are added. If successful, you can also risk your profit. You can then expect a 50/50 game, where you have to select the correct card suit. The choice is between red and black. If you guess correctly, you double your winnings and can also risk them again. If you're wrong, the entire profit is lost. Of course, you can also earn points in other ways. For example, you have the opportunity to score free spins. For this, you need the icon with the fish to show up at least three times on the reels. The more often this symbol appears on reels, the more free spins you get. The good thing about free spins: All profits that you achieve in this period will be credited to your account, while you do not have to place a bet. The symbols all have different scores, of course. You can find a detailed overview of the symbol values in this menu. Simply click on the little "i" in the lower left of the screen in order to access it.

The Symbols in Old Fisherman

  • Fisherman
  • Barrel
  • Boat
  • Whistle
  • Compass
  • Fish
  • Jack
  • Queen
  • King
  • Ace
  • The Number 10

Can you make the big catch?

In the free online slot game Old Fisherman, you have the opportunity to make a big catch in the form of chips. Choose your bet wisely, otherwise it might forever end up on the seabed.